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How the Sparkly Ragz Consignment Process Works

If you’re already shopping at Sparkly Ragz, then you already know our standards for excellence, quality and style. Chances are, you could be our perfect consignor!  

We are a very small boutique which requires us to be very selective.  Please follow these guidelines closely so you are pleased with the outcome of your visit. 
If in doubt, give us a call!

  • We welcome currently styled (purchased within last 3 years) Women's and Misses better-label/ popular, designer apparel & accessories (nearly new shoes, better/designer handbags, designer & costume jewelry).  Clothing sizes accepted: 0 - 24/ XS - 3X   
  •  Some items we are not currently accepting: Suits, slacks, evening wear, tube tops, most jeans, items purchased over 3 years ago or items that do not pass for current styles.  While we love vintage items, we are not a vintage store and rarely will accept vintage clothing.  We will consider vintage handbags, hats and jewelry from time to time.
  • We accept various artisan creations such as candles, wine bottle art, bath & body products, handmade cards, hand created jewelry etc.
  • Due to COVID~19, we are now requiring all consignments be "pre-approved" via Facebook Messenger.  Please send us clear pictures of the items you would like to consign.  We will respond to your message to let you know what items we will accept and when you can bring them in.  Please limit your clothing items to your finest 20 or less.  We also will consider 5 jewelry items, 5 handbags and 2 pairs of new or very lightly worn shoes per message, per week.  Remember to Show us YOUR BEST...Donate the rest!  Please complete our intake form and bring it with you when dropping off your pre-approved items... intake form.
  • No faux or counterfeit designer goods of any kind. Pricing or receipt documentation for fine jewelry & handbags is most helpful.
  • Quality and appearance are important to our customers, so we ask for apparel that is cleaned, pressed, in excellent repair and brought to us in bags you are willing to part with.  Items should be free of lint, pet hair and fragrance or smoke odors. Items with excessive signs of wear will not be accepted. We do not offer repairs.  
  • Clothing is accepted by the season. See matrix below (Call for specific start & end dates):

Spring:      January - May
Summer:   May - August
Fall:          August - October 
Winter:     October - December

How is the item priced?
All prices are set by Sparkly Ragz.  We will price the items to sell with resale pricing that is fair to both buyer and seller. Our goal is to sell your quality items for maximum profit quickly.  Items are displayed on the sales floor for a period of 60 days.  Items may be reduced for discount at any time but will always take a 25% markdown if they have not sold after the first 30 days.  Artisan items will be priced based on what is determined at the time of intake with the artist and the store.

How much do I get paid?

If your item is priced under $100, you will receive 40% of the final selling price, items priced higher than $100 may result in a higher payout amount. Net payouts will be reduced by any taxes and fees.  For artisan consignors, we partner with you to determine the split.  Checks are available for pickup in the store after the 1st of the month, following the sale of your item.  Checks will not be mailed unless a prior arrangement has been made with Sparkly Ragz.  Any payments not claimed within 6 months of the last activity on the account will be forfeited.  We ask that you check your online account at least twice during the 60 day consignment period, so you are aware of what is selling and what balance is available to you.  It is your responsibility to claim your unsold items within 7 days of their expiration date or the items will become store property.

Why didn't they take all of my items?
Please understand that in order to accept an item in our boutique, we must be confident that we can sell it ("wearable" and "sell-able"" are very different). It is our goal and job to make money for you! Based on our experience and training we know what will and will not sell in our boutique. We may agree that the dress you brought in is stunning or the business suit is fabulous, but not consign it because we know it won’t sell in our boutique. The world of fashion is a seasonable one. While we may not be able to accept a strapless dress in the winter, we may be looking forward to accepting such an item during the spring or summer. Sometimes we find ourselves overstocked with certain items and therefore are extremely careful about what items we accept into our store (especially due to our size). At other times, we may find ourselves with plenty of room and eager to accept a wider variety of items.  If we didn't accept your item this time, please don't be discouraged and try again next time.

Ready to be a consignor with Sparkly Ragz?  
Please send us your top 20 pictures via Facebook Messenger.  We will provide you with feedback on what items we will take at this time.  Then, simply download our intake form and inventory the items we have pre-approved for you to bring us!  Make sure to bring the completed form with your items.

Consignment Guidelines

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